Sale Terms

Thank you for your interest in purchasing a Happy Thought Farm Dairy Goat from us.  For dairy goat kid orders, we do not take deposits, but we do take names and compile a list of those interested in Happy Thought Farm kids. As kids are born, we will contact those on the list in order of interest of reservation. First come first serve.

We STRONGLY recommend that prospective buyers of both does and bucks contact us to make a first and second choice. Before kids are shipped or allowed to leave our farm, all money is to be paid in full in cash.  We do accept Paypal and Venmo as acceptable cash payments. The buyer is also responsible for the cost of shipping, a shipping crate, any health testing or health certificate (for out-of-state buyers) and any other costs associated with the shipping of the animal.  We reserve the right to retain any kid for herd replacement.

Once you are notified of the birth of your kid, we ask that you promptly make arrangements to pick up your dairy goat kid or arrange transport. We prefer to keep and raise kids until they are at 4 weeks old in order to evaluate the kid, dis-bud and ensure they are off to a good start before they leave the farm.  If a kid is asked to be held longer than 6 weeks of age, there will be an additional charge.

We will work with the buyer to ship nationwide to all approved homes.  An approved home agrees to have at least one other goat as a companion and provide the proper care, nutrition and love to their new addition. If shipping by air, we would use American Airlines Cargo or Delta Cargo out of Detroit Metro airport. If you want to transport by ground shipment, we ask that the buyer arrange for and pay for the ground transportation.

Please realize that breeding is not an exact science, and although we certainly strive for excellence, we cannot guarantee that your purchase will become a champion. Genetics, as well as management, play a huge role in how an animal turns out. That said, we do want you to be happy with your Happy Thought Farm Dairy Goat and we will work with you to insure that point. We guarantee the health of the animal at the time that it leaves the farm but we cannot guarantee health beyond that, as we have no control over the management of the animal once it leaves. We also guarantee the goat to be in good reproductive health. If for some reason your goat is unable to reproduce, we will gladly replace that animal (with a written letter from the vet stating the absence of fertility)