8 year old Milkers

GCH Happy Thought Farm RFF Suzette

Suzette - 6 year old

Photo Credit: Bob Bartholomew

Reserve Best Uddered Toggenburg – 2018 North American International Livestock Expo
6th Place 5/6 Year Old Milker at 2018 ADGA National Show
Best Senior Doe in Show at Michigan’s Udder Side Dairy Goat Show 2019
Linear Appraisal: 90 EEVE 03-05
Sire: Rowe’s Falcon Frost
Dam: Happy Thought Farm Susie

CH Happy Thought Farm PS Magdalen

1st Place 4 year old at the 2016 North American International Livestock Show
Linear Appraisal: 89 (VEVE) 04-02
Sire: Happy Thought Farm Patriot Sky 91 (EEE ) @ 04-01
Dam: CH Happy Thought Farm Maria 90 (VEEE) @ 04-06

SG Happy Thought Farm Starlight

Dam: SGCH Happy Thought Farm PatriotStar
Sire: Rowe’s Falcon Frost
Linear Appraisal: 89 (VEVE) @ 04-02

GCH Happy Thought Farm K Lizzie

Dam: SGCH Happy Thought Farm AHTP Leah 92 (EEEE) 04-01
Sire: Happy Thought Farm Keith 89 (VEE ) 02-05
inear Appraisal: 89 EEEE 03-04

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